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For those about to rock...
A peek into the mind of the normal
19th-Apr-2011 02:18 pm
you still exist LJ?

so weird. haven't thought about you in ages. Sorry i turned you into a blip dumpster. Sorry I abandoned you for fb and twitter.

You introduced me to some awesome people. Some of which are now really really good friends.

I apologize.

I won't delete you though. It's kinda of like my myspace. I keep it because I have it registered as airelav. (oh yeah, I left you for myspace too LJ. sorry you have to find out this way) You know how hard it is to keep my OG username? see my twitter: http://twitter.com/airelav2. I hate having to use the #2. it's so degrading. I'm gonna kill that http://twitter.com/airelav bitch. She stole my username and doesn't even use it.

trust me, I have harassed her for it.
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